How To Avoid A Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents are quite frequent, especially in big cities and crowded areas. Sometimes, automobiles get too close to cyclists, ending up by not being able to avoid an accident. Some other times, cyclists are guilty of negligence, causing or contributing to the accident.

Whatever their causes, such accidents can be quite dramatic. This is why it’s much better to try to prevent them by adopting the right behavior, whether you are a car driver or a cyclist.

Both cyclists and drivers should know and obey the local road rules and regulations. They have to abide by traffic laws, just like anyone else involved in using public roads. Unfortunately, behaviors that are nothing but traffic violations are quite common among both categories of individuals.

If you are a cyclist and you want to avoid getting involved in a bicycle accident, you should study the laws and obey them. Besides, you need to pay attention to other vehicles involved in traffic, as some drivers may not be too skilled or too alert to avoid bumping into you by accident. Don’t rely on others to keep you safe, as you are the only one who can avoid an accident in the last moment. Avoid phone conversations or listening to music while biking. You need all your senses, as you have to be in a state of maximum alertness at any given time, in order to be able to avoid a collision.

Even when you wait at the red light, you need to observe vehicles around you and their behavior. If you just sit there waiting for the green light to start paying attention to the road, you can be caught by surprise by a careless driver pushing his break pedal too ineffectively to stop the car before hitting you in the back. This is the urban jungle. You need to stay alert to improve your chances of survival.