Put Your Truck Accident Case In The Fast Lane to Success

You hear about truck accidents every single day. People are hit by trucks every single day, and many of them are severely injured or die.  According to the Federal Carrier Safety Administration, over 3900 large buses and trucks were involved in fatal crashes in 2014 alone.


As one might imagine, truck accidents can be one of the scariest and deadliest crashes to experience.  Hopefully, you will never experience this catastrophic event but, if you do, there are certain things you should be before calling your Sydney truck accident lawyer to represent you in court. Things that will ultimately help you win your case and prove your innocence. They are as follows:


First, call the police and report the accident. It is important to do this quickly, especially if the accident has occurred in the middle of the road. Once police are on the way, you can assess the extent of damage that has occurred.


Quickly contact medical personnel for anyone who has been injured. Although injuries may not seem major, there could be severe ones below the surface. Some of these injuries include blows to the head, internal bleeding, and damage to internal organs.


If it is possible to move vehicles that are in the middle of the road without further injury, please do so. Having vehicles in the middle of the lane can cause a danger to you and any passing motorists. It can also cause other accidents and congestion if located on a highway or is otherwise blocking the road.


If you are able, take notes and pictures of the vehicles. Also, take a picture of the surrounding area. Talk to other individuals who may have been witnesses and take down information from the other driver. You will want to get insurance information, truck license plate, the company who owns the truck, etc. Collecting firsthand information is critical and can be used in the future should you need it.


Next, give as accurate a report to the police is possible, but at no time do you admit guilt or fault in the accident. Do not say phrases such as,  “It’s my fault, please forgive me, I’ll pay for it, or anything similar.” Although the case may seem clear-cut to you, there are multiple reasons why the accident may have occurred, and you may not be at fault. Let the police do their job.


The worst thing you can do is leave the scene of the accident. You could face hit and run charges, even if you feel the accident was a minor one. It is also irresponsible to leave the scene before police arrive. Stay where you are until the police get there.


Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. No matter who is at fault, you will need to report the accident. The insurance company will also ask about your injuries. Be sure to make an honest assessment. Sometimes your injuries do not show up until hours later or days later.


Seek medical attention following the accident so that the doctor can do a full examination. If you wait too long or do not get care at all, any future claims may be very hard to prove, and this will be detrimental to your case. You may also continue to suffer, with uncompensated injuries, for an extended period and the expenses will end up coming out of your pocket. If you do stay under the care of a doctor, do not stop going to your appointments. If you neglect your appointments and discontinue, you may become liable for all of your expenses.


If you want to win your case, paying attention to these recommendations can help you prove your case and support the claims you have made. The most important thing you can do is to contact a Sydney truck accident lawyer who will have the information and strategies to help put your case in the fast lane and win.